Rolling hills

Scenic lake views Beautiful fall colors


Our 5k course is located entirely on the 260 acres of South Mountain Christian Camp in Bostic, NC. The course takes runners on one continuous loop through a mix of gravel roads, grassy shorelines, and wide dirt trails on the south side of Cherry Mountain.


Encompassing rolling hills, wooded paths, and scenic views along the lake, the South of the Mountain Trail Run offers a wide variety of challenges for runners and walkers of all skill levels in one of the most beautiful settings around. Fall colors usually peak around this time of year, so be prepared for some spectacular views on your run, giving new meaning to the term "breathtaking."


The Trail Run will be marked one month before race day, so feel free to come and check out the course ahead of time. You can download a Course Guide to help you find your way. This is highly recommended if you're coming for the first time. If you would like to come get some practice time in, keep in mind that we have other guests on the property on most days, so please refrain from entering any of the buildings other than the brick bathhouse located near the ballfields.


At South Mountain Christian Camp, hosting large group events is our specialty. When you arrive on camp, just follow the main road in toward the Joy Center (gym). Parking attendants will direct you to the most accessible parking available. A camp map is available HERE


Step inside the Joy Center to check in at one of the registration tables. Hot coffee will be available for everyone. Enjoy the motivational music as you warm up,  and take advantage of the game room if you like. Restrooms are located inside this building as well.


The start and finish lines are located just outside the Joy Center. We'll start out on a wide gravel road so the crowd can thin out a little before things narrow down on the trails. To finish, you'll emerge from the woods onto the gravel road once again, then run across the dam of the fishing pond to the finish line. This presents great photo ops for your family and friends.


Speaking of family and friends, there will be plenty to keep them entertained during the race. The game room will be open with foosball, ping pong, and pool table available. The there will be basketballs available in the gym, and bean bag toss boards as well. We also offer structured, supervised activities for school-age kids during the race, so both parents can run if they want.


After the race, drinks and snacks will be available for all the racers. We'll have a free fun run for any kids who want to participate. Then the award presentations will take place in the gym with plenty of seating for everyone.

1129 South Mountain Road

PO Box 9

Bostic NC 28018


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